Saturday, September 24, 2016

What happens, if Google has stopped for 30 minutes ?


Dear Community After all, my sincere greetings and best wishes to all the lovers of technology and constant dependence on Google's been making in real life, the impact of the 30 minutes of inaction, I tuned in today.We are all more or less rely on Google. When we first open the browser computer because when we started the search with Google. Google never ever thought this was closed for 30 minutes, then the impact of our real lives? Before sharing a little information on this topic can not resist the temptation. That is, 013 in August, Google stopped for 3 minutes once was. Information is surprising just 3 minutes was reduced to 40% of all internet traffic. Such an event occurred in May 009. Now think of the 016, or at a later time if Google is at least 30 minutes off what will happen? Today's post is a technology-based, but it tuned as part of the tech-humor urge everyone to read. Because I too was a tech-humor writing. This is the tune that want to meet a little hobby. Let's take a look, but do not increase what if Google is off for 30 minutes?First, one can not believe it!First, one can not believe that Google is not working. As a result, the first few minutes, everyone will be busy to check their internet connection. Some Internet Service Providers will issue the call. Some of them will start dwelling on the computer's hardware error. You can easily believe that the habitat of this event?When the belief thatSome people will know when Google closed. Then again, some people will trust and distrust between. They are desperate to Google's home page will reload when it will work. Because while there is no such thing when he feels the need for more people. And when they do, they will realize that taking off yegugala

People around the world will be busy to share a Google server error screen. For example, Error 500!

Facebook's news feed can be stopped with a storm arose. As to the issue, such as terrorism, Indian elephant, rape, corruption, everything will be lost under Google.
People will begin to inquire about alternative search engines. But with what look? Most people do not know because I have search engines besides Google. Imagine how many search engine itself, you know?

Injinagulote Microsoft Bing and Yahoo search traffic overflow. Because they know what happened on their last hope.
DuckDuckGo (a search engine, which is not tracked) will be busy promoting themselves as the search engines. Some people think it is good for Google closed, apatato people will no longer be tracked.

Many Internet applications that run using the Google service will stop working. And the whole world into Gmail because of the trade and commerce would collapse.

Not just Google, most of them rely on the services of SEO companies in the world that would be.
People who use Google Map in the middle of the road, the road may be lost.

YouTube lovers will sit and sulk while rivals Google will sing for joy. Some will be busy preparing several normally created to troll.

But still cainate not be a problem. Tell me why?Google will then come back in againGoogle to resolve the problem when they come back, when the first analysis of this problem will be a press briefing. Technology lovers around the world will try to solve a variety of reasons. Tiumenta without knowing that they are true or false. Some of the hackers who have spread the story to be known that this incident is behind their hands. Bangladeshi hacker group can claim this achievement. Not surprisingly. Which also can be

One can megatiuna tekatiunase sanima mahabira tuner Fahad, Google is dependent on how technology world.
The fall of the world's media will begin to split hairs about what Khan was up to. Why is it, again, whether, in this case, if the information had been hacked. Sensetibha countries and individuals will be forbidden to sleep over night duhcintaya leaks.
Many people will start dwelling on the Google option. Alternatively, they will all Google services. In essence gharapora simdure clouds afraid of cows.
Technology blogs will come from many well-known article, "Google went down for 30 minutes. You will not believe what happened next. "Or" 10 things to do when Google goes down the next time ". And some, like my own translation tekatiunase hid tuner will tune.Although it's a tech-humor, however, anything can happen in the near future. So everything should be open to an alternative way. Because it's foolish to rely entirely on anything. We know that there is no alternative to Google. But we can not think of danger at the moment is something other than Google. However, I hope you have fun. If you like having fun and down buttons to tune (the tune nomination), do not forget to press

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